Monday, March 9, 2009

student journalism at its finest

My coworker Angi and I both bring in our lunch every day, and on Mondays we sit at our desks in our offices across from each other and read the student newspaper. Monday is the best day for this because Monday is the day when the laughable conservative columnist writes. If you went to college, you know the type. She's a sophomore white girl from the suburbs who wants to know why there's a black history month but no white history month, who thinks Obama is a socialist, and who opposes the teaching of non-Christian science. Sometimes when her column is really awful Angi and I read pieces to each other and giggle, and wonder what it will be like when she grows up.

Today I eagerly opened the paper, expecting to get my weekly fix of "marriage is only for men and women" or "everyone in Iraq is a terrorist", but my eye was caught by the apologetic letter from the editor. The paper wanted to assure us, the readers, that they stand for good journalism, that they were heartfelt in their sorrow over possible offense that Friday's headline might have caused, that they bear no ill will toward the Vols or the Gamecocks, and that they have nothing but respect for the AP news feed.

What the hell?

"Hey, Angi, do you have Friday's paper still?"

"I think so. Why?"

"The letter from the editor thing says there was an offensive headline."

"I don't remember anything too bad. Come look."

It didn't take us long to burst out laughing.

inappropriate headline

Inadvertant? How is that possibly not deliberate? I don't think "inadvertant" means what the school paper thinks it means.


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Garrett said...

Hey Joel, your blog just popped up on my news feed. And somehow I ended up on this entry.

To add insult to injury, the Vols didn't even lose that game! When I think about the Daily Beacon 10, 20,...30 years from now that's going to be the defining headline.

Or maybe the "Humanites Bomb Scare" headline they had on the front page a couple of years ago. ;)

-Garrett Crawford