Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Visit With Loco

It was derby time in town again this weekend, but this home game was the best one ever (out of the three that I have to choose from) because my friend Loco Chanel, who skates for both the Midwest Mega Team and the Hell's Belles team in the Windy City Rollers league, came to town to lay some smack down on our Hard Knox Roller Girls:

me and loco

She's not really a full head taller than me. That's after both bouts, and she still has her skates on. Also, you should click that picture so you can see her awesome glittery Loco Chanel helmet logo.

Anyway, before Loco's team got to play, we had an opening bout against the R.O.C.K., the Roller Girls of Central Kentucky. Based on the number of times they hit the floor, it went pretty well:

tagged from behind

jammer down

Granted, our girls fell a few times, too:

knox jammer down

but we still won.

It was our last win of the night, sadly.

It started out kind of even:

Jamie and Carrie

It became clear fairly quickly, though, that even with half their team in the penalty box (Loco's at the head of the line, waiting to get back in):

penalty box

we still couldn't score. Our girls tried really hard, but the Midwest Mega Team was an unbreakable wall, a metaphor best symbolized by this shot of one of our girls bouncing off of Loco and hitting the floor:

bouncing off

I don't remember the final score, but at one point in the bout they had three times the points that we did. I did get three friends to go, though, which was the most people ever, and everyone claimed to enjoy it.

After we sent Loco to the after party, I met up with her and Karmageddon this morning for breakfast at the Market Square Kitchen:

tuscan omelette

followed by posing with local statuary:

loco and karma

me and loco

Before they headed out and I headed to work.

As a side note, look how baggy my damn jeans that used to be tight are! Bye bye, morbid obesity!


Josie said...

Hooray Tennessee!!!!

Josie said...

btw-- Josie = Loco = Emily

Karma said...

Thanks for breakfast!