Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 3: Sea lice and other creatures

You know what's not welcoming when you walk onto the beach?

sea lice

What the hell are sea lice? Are they going to burrow into my skin? Is it like the regular lice that kids used to get in school, but from the ocean? How do you get them? Do they live in the sand? I'm guessing not, since they're not called sand lice, but right there, that pretty much guaranteed that I stayed on my feet the entire time we were at the beach.

Which couldn't have been more than a half hour, since it started thunderstorming and the lifeguard said everyone had to leave.

It was nice when we got there, though, with blue skies and sand and a pier, looking pretty much like a vacation photo come to life:

juno beach pier

The sand was full of shells, mostly of clam-type creatures, but also other, unknown remains:

dead thing

Is that a sea lice? I'm only asking because that thing was as big as my fist and, seriously, no way in hell am I letting that crawl out of the sand and onto me. Since it would seem like a total waste of vacation to say that I went to Florida and didn't get in the ocean, though (even though I don't swim and there was a warning flag up), I went down to the edge and let the ocean come to me:


It got closer than I had planned, and my shoes are still drying out.

I'll cover the rest of the day later. We slept in late and are running behind on plans.

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