Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Hallowe'en Art Show

Last night after work I went back downtown to go to "Poe", PoMoNoBo's 2009 Hallowe'en Art Show:


This year's show was a little smaller than last year's, but that was nice because I got to talk to more people, and I also met Brian, who draws the cathedrals that I see downtown:

sharpee church!

The theme of this year's show was art inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, and there were a lot of very nice pieces and a lot of cute decorations:

lamp ravens

Bran made a Poe puppet:

Puppet Poe

but I had to leave for late dinner before the puppet show started. On the way out, I got a very nice Martin Harris print, which I got a frame for this morning:

my print

I like it so much I put a nail in the wall to hang it, the only time I have done so in over three years in this apartment. I didn't realize until I got home that it also matches my couch, but that's a nice bonus. Now I suddenly want to hang other things on the wall with it.

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