Monday, April 18, 2011

Hey, I actually can run after all

Sunday, the morning after I won the Murder Game, I had kind of a busy day. I walked around downtown and took some photos (somewhat satisfying), saw "Scream 4" (disappointing, and this is coming from someone with low standards who owns the boxed set of the original trilogy), had a casual dinner date with that guy I like (also disappointing, as we turned out to be kind of incompatible; he'll never know I said this because he considers blogging, as well as social media of all types, a complete waste of time that keeps people from reaching their potential as fully realized human beings), and ended the day getting chased by a dog.

I'll qualify the dog chase as somewhat satisfying, in that I got away without getting mauled.

On my post-movie, pre-dinner walk, I went to the Dogwood Arts Festival:

kids with chalk

and was saddened to learn that the Market Square Kitchen:

1 Market Square

where they make a mean fried bologna sandwich and where my parents and I had lunch during their visit, is closing at the end of the month. The letter on their website says that the new owners of the building have chosen not to renew their lease, which I think is sad.

I also took a photo of the courthouse, which I can't decide if I like better in color:

garage, courthouse (1)

or black and white:

garage, courthouse (2)

and for the most part I just walked.

big orange cleaners


fire alley

down union avenue

Then, after my casual dinner of casual disaster, I stopped on the way home for this picture:

Unity Church

I parked a few houses down from the church, at a park, and when I walked down to it to take the picture there was no problem. When I was walking back, on the public sidewalk, I heard this dog barking, and looked up.

He's on a chain, I thought, And I'm over here on the sidewalk. I'm totally safe. And, oh shit, he has a really long chain.

I mean "long chain" as in "long enough to reach the sidewalk".

Fortunately there were no cars coming when I had to jump into the street to save my delicious legs from being mauled.


Sandy said...

I'm sorry about your date, but I like those photos. You just need to go back and get one of the dog.

Elizabeth said...

I loved the photos. The picture of the courthouse I prefer in color. Also, I have wanted to buy that Unity Church and turn it into a thrift shop for some time now.

JMBower said...

I agree on the courthouse in color. The great colorful midtones don't translate well to black and white contrasty-ness, even though it remains a good shot in B&W.

The shots of urban spaces/decay remain awesome as usual. That alley shot is fantastic.