Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Blurbs

It's still the time of year when I don't really go anywhere or do much besides work and sleep, so I don't have much to report for the weekend or many new photos. I do have a couple of small things, though.

1) Maple bacon donuts are delicious.

One of Kristin's staff members arrived to move in with two boxes of donuts from Julie Darling Donuts in Chattanooga, and when the desk staff opened the box to look inside, they discovered this:

maple bacon donut (1)

A donut with maple frosting and bacon on top. (I think the official name on the menu is "Pancakes and Bacon".) I was of the opinion that I should eat it immediately and that everyone else should just back away from the donut box, because if ever a donut was created just for me it's that donut, but I'm not actually on Kristin's staff and the donuts were for them, so we took the box to her and then I begged for it.


I have no shame.

Kristin broke off a little piece, because she was curious, and then I devoured the rest:

maple bacon donut (2)

It was sweet and salty at the same time, and the donut itself was moist and slightly cakey, which is the way I like them, and I kind of want to drive to Chattanooga right now to pick up a dozen or so of them.

And then eat them in the car on the way home, cry, and turn around to get more.

2) On my way back from the office today I stopped at McKay's to turn in a small bag of books and look for a few new releases. While I was waiting for them to evaluate the books I'd brought in, I heard this in the aisles:

"Who's Ray Bradbury?"

"I think it's in fiction, but, like, the literature fiction, not the regular kind."

Wait, what?

I normally don't give other shoppers more than a passing glance, but I looked and saw two kids with a list in hand, probably buying cheap books for class. Do they not have high school English classes in Tennessee now? I thought Fahrenheit 451 was pretty much required reading at some point in your high school career, and if not that then maybe The Illustrated Man. I'm not saying you have to be familiar with his entire body of work, but is it really possible to get to college without having any idea of who Ray Bradbury is?

Maybe Tennessee should spend less time banning certain ideas from the schools and more time actually educating the students.

3) I invented the Braintini.

braintini (1)

I found a silicone ice cube tray at Target yesterday that promised to make ice cubes shaped like brains. It was cheap, and I need fun in my life, so I bought it. Then today, when I was getting groceries, I decided to pick up some heinously green Hawaiian Punch to fill the tray with.

braintini (2)

I recommend dropping the ice brain into the drink after, rather than pouring your drink over it, because otherwise your ice brain melts a little and the folds smooth out, just like Charlie's brain in Flowers for Algernon.

braintini (3)

The kids in McKay's today probably haven't ever read that, either.


Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

omg i need you to move closer so i can be around for some of these days!! lol

KtZoo said...

I'm a grown-up who's never heard of Ray Bradbury. Or at least, never read anything by him. Does this make me a bad person? ;)

Miggs said...

Go to the store, buy a maple bar and lay two or three strips of bacon on it. Eat. The end. Just as good.

missing tennessee said...

I graduated from high school in Tennessee, and had to read Fahrenheit 451!! :) So, maybe it's not all Tennesseans!

I happened to stumble upon your blog and love your photography of the East TN area. It gives me a piece of home.

Liz said...

Your blog makes my day!