Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pictures of March

March has now come and gone, and left behind a collection of pictures that didn't really fit anywhere else. Let's have a look, in chronological order:

1) Taste the rainbow:

rainbow cake

A coworker and I presented Safe Zone training, and one of the students hosting it made this cake for the attendees. She said it took her two tries.

2) In bloom:

blooming tree

A flowering tree that I walked past on my way to talk to a class.

3) Night light:

lighted greenhouse

Leaving campus after dark, I took the back way to avoid some basketball game traffic, and discovered that the greenhouses on the ag campus are lit up at night. It looks kind of like a horror movie set, or maybe some science fiction.

4) Pinhole self-portrait:

pinhole self portrait

When Kristin and I hiked Laurel Falls, I was leaning against the car waiting for her to finish using the bathroom, and decided to try a pinhole portrait. I think it came out pretty well, except that I look a little frowny.

5) Mini cupcakes:

mini cupcakes

From a reception for iO Tillet Wright's Self Evident Truths project, which I was photographed for.

6) Shoe:

high heeled

Someone put a shoe on the outside windowsill of the stairwell window by my office. It's been there for a few weeks now.

7) Super-crispy:


Kristin bought me this chocolate covered rice crispy treat. I have not eaten it yet, as I cannot decide if it's candy or not.

8) Some guy on Gay Street:

some guy on gay street

I rarely take pictures with people as the intended subjects, but I was walking down Gay Street and it was a nice morning, and this just struck me as a good photo.

9) Super Doo-Doo:

super doo-doo

I bought a Superboy coloring book at an estate sale this morning, and found this inside.

That's it for March.

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