Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pictures of June

June has come and gone, and like the months before I have a small collection of photographs that didn't get posted in any other journal entries. In no particular order:

1) Kelly's Unhappy Birthday

Kristin and I were leaving McKay's when we noticed this in the grass at the edge of the parking lot:

cake in the grass (1)

"Is that a cake?"

"Stop for a second!"

"Why? Are you going to take a picture of it."


cake in the grass (2)

A search of the Ingles Bakery website suggests that there's a little over $15 worth of cake melting in the hot sun in that picture, which begs the obvious question: What did Kelly do? It must have been kind of horrible for whoever was bringing her cake to just pull over and dump it on the side of the parking lot. And why there? What could Kelly have done at McKay's to make someone carefully remove her cake from the car, set it on the lawn, and drive away?

We'll never know.

2) Bug on a Window

I saw a bug crawling on the outside of a window at work:

bug on the window

so I stuck my camera against the inside and took a picture. I think it's a lightning bug.

3) Come In For Prayer

Spotted on Chapman Highway:

God's Place Thrift Store

They have an awful lot of bars on the windows and doors for a place that wants me to trust in God.

And no, I did not go inside.

4) Ignite Summit Outtakes

I mentioned going to the Ignite Summit in the previous entry. I don't take a lot of pictures while I'm there, since I'm busy participating, but I did take a couple of pictures before I left that didn't make it into my entry.

One is my horsey notecards:

horse notes

We write notes to the team while we're there, but I also like to bring notes with inspirational quotes to welcome them. The theme this year is Rocky Top Roundup, but I couldn't find any western-themed notecards, so I bought some blank notecards and a horse stamp, and made those.

I also took a shot of my packed bags, pillow, sleeping bag, and cowboy hat, waiting for my morning pickup:


One backpack has my clothes, one has water bottles, books, candy, and other things I will need during summit, the hat is leftover from last year (and we discovered this year that if I sweat enough it dyes a black band on my forehead), and the pillowcase is orange because of school spirit.

I love my school and my job and all, but I do not sleep on orange sheets.


Jeannie said...

That cake is the saddest thing I have seen in a while. Poor Kelly.

Marcheline said...

There's a sticker on the cake saying it was made by "Linda". I would have absolutely had to go inside and find Linda and get the low-down on the cake situation.

Or post the photo on the "missed connections" section of craigslist: "To the person who dumped Kelly's birthday cake - WTF???"