Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve walk in the rain

It's Christmas Eve, and it's raining, but I set a goal to leave my apartment once a day during the break and I already skipped it yesterday. Even though the only place I needed to go was the grocery store, I decided to make a brief trip downtown, where it was oddly quiet.

tree in window

Market Square was mostly deserted, except for a few people on the temporary ice rink, and Gay Street was equally empty:

Gay Street on Christmas Eve

Christmas tree in the rain

I ended up walking to both bridges and back up Main Street:

round building

united methodist steps

because it was warm and had stopped raining, and I spent some time looking at the nativity scene in front of the First Baptist Church:

first baptist church (1)

first baptist church (2)

first baptist church (3)

(I really like that one)

first baptist church (4)

first baptist church (5)

and then I went to the grocery store, where I watched someone try to park in the cart corral and a student came up to me at the register to thank me for helping her get her late fees and payment issues resolved.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas, if they are celebrating one, or just a good day tomorrow.

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