Saturday, March 1, 2008

the big house district

On my way to work every morning I drive through a stretch of road that I mentally refer to as “The Big House District”, because for a mile or so the street is just churches and big, expensive houses with wide lawns. I don’t usually get to look around much on that part of my drive, because there is a lot of traffic moving very fast, so I thought it might be nice to go out and walk some of it since it’s so warm today.

Even though we just had snow the other day, there are signs that it might actually be spring:


Granted, they probably came from a store since they’re all blooming at once, but they looked so bright and alive. The trees aren’t really showing any buds yet, though:


Nature’s showing up in other places, though, mostly assaulting the many walls in the Big House District:

crumbling wall

I read The World Without Us last week, and was thinking about how nature eventually gets into everything, so I was amused to see plants splitting the wall apart.

I also got to walk past the house that I love to see every morning:

the spanish castle

If I ever win the lottery, I’m buying that house. I think it’s an apartment building, as the mailbox out front had multiple numbers, but I would still buy it and move into one of the apartments.

I even managed to make my walk educational:

Gen. Sanders

I was looking around for an arrow that would show exactly where it happened, but they probably didn’t mark the exact spot.

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