Sunday, August 17, 2008

Opening is upon us!

Even though we’ve been checking people in since last week, we officially opened yesterday, heralded by the last hurrah of summer band camp:

here they come

batons in the air

the band is huge

some of the brass

I was in marching band in early high school. It’s hot and tiring, but it was sort of fun. Since I have no rhythm and never practiced because I never wanted to play a trumpet in the first place, it was as much fun as someone who didn’t want to be in band could have in a wool uniform in 95 degree heat.

There’s an unsubstantiated rumor in our office that after the opening parade the band director goes back and cuts everyone who’s not actually going to be in the band this year. The idea is that letting them march one time is a kindness and an honor, but I think it would be even more disappointing to spend weeks drilling, memorizing, playing, and then be forced to march through the campus in front of your parents and everyone you know only to have someone tell you, “Thanks anyway” when you finished. It’s probably different if being in band is actually something you want to do, though.

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leo said...

I see they do opening a leeetle bit differently down south than they do in albany.