Friday, November 21, 2008

Feliz... um, birthday!

Somebody had a birthday yesterday!

birthday door

It was me!

Jeannie, my carpool partner, organized a birthday dinner at Cancun's, where I had never been, and twenty or so of my friends and coworkers came.


That's when the margaritas started.

two fisting!

And then the servers came with tambourines and a sombrero, and put the sombrero on me while they sang... and then inexplicably smeared whipped cream all over my face:

whipped cream

I guess it's a Mexican tradition, maybe?

To make up for soiling me with dairy products, they prepared a special shot.

flaming shot


"Is special shot!"

See that lit match next to it? About one second after that photo the shot was on fire, and about two seconds later it was in my mouth.

Yeah, it was a good birthday.


Anonymous said...

Joel, read a couple of your blogs about birthday and cooking chicken with apples and cranberries. made me crack up. thanks for the laugh

JMBower said...

Happy belated birthday!