Wednesday, January 28, 2009

random photo roundup

Submitted for your approval, random photos that are completely unrelated to each other and boring anecdotes about them.

1) I took this one a while ago and forgot about it, but then it popped up on my screensaver the other night and I wondered why I'd never posted it:

sunsphere shadow

At the time I was struck by how odd it is to see an entirely round shadow outside of an eclipse. Fortunately, it's just the Sunsphere, not the eternal chase of Masaka and Korgano.

2) Jeannie and I had to stop on the way to work this morning and pick up 26 dozen cookies for a program:

26 dozen cookies

The cookies filled the cart.

3) I saw this tree on campus and liked the shape:

leafless tree

It was hard getting an angle without buildings.

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