Monday, October 1, 2012

Pictures of September

This month, I have a few more spare photos around than I did of August, because I actually got out of my apartment and went places. Not too many places, mind you, but more than last month. With that in mind, here's a roundup of my unposted pictures from September.

1) The Emporium

On the first Friday of the month I went to an art show downtown at The Emporium:

the emporium

One of our grad assistants was showing, so I went to be supportive. I've been past the building before, but had no idea it was so light and open on the inside, since it looks so blocky and somewhat industrial on the outside. Its kind of an artist collective space, so there are a lot of spaces inside that are almost like small galleries.

I might go back sometime when it's not First Friday, as every time I go downtown for that I just seem to get irritated by the hipster douches that spring fully formed and slightly disdainful from the walls and sidewalks.

2) Robot and Cultural

Remember way back in 2010 when some friends and I had a weekly photo challenge, where we used a random word generator and then had to take a picture that matched the theme? We tried doing it again this year, but I was in charge of the word generator and seem to have failed as a challenge-runner.

Our first word was "robot", and I submitted this photo of my Lego Lex Luthor robot battlesuit:

lego luthor

I was trying to capture the whole menacing shadows '50's sci-fi magazine "robots are dangerous" vibe, and I think it came out well for a plastic Lego creation on top of my refrigerator. Only one other person submitted a photo for "robot".

Week Two saw "cultural", which was apparently the word that destroyed us. I felt very little inspiration, and submitted this as a last minute "oh, crap, I need a photo" photo:


It's more a bastardization of culture than anything else, but it was also the only photo submitted for that word by any of us.

Week Three brought "distance". No one submitted a photo, including me.

Someone else can run the photo challenge next time.

3) Cars

I saw a few interesting cars this month. This one belongs to one of my coworkers:

vintage car

I found it interesting because that car isn't brown. That's a full body rusting. He's sanded and buffed it, to take off flakes, and it gives the car a weird coloration that's striking and somewhat unique.

I also saw some fan cars at the home games:

beatem (2)

beatem (1)

flag mobile

and feel the need to remind people that these aren't just driven at games.

These people drive those cars around town on regular days.

Go Vols.

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