Monday, January 21, 2013

The Super Muse

The other day I was looking for a recipe that I knew I had posted to my blog, and I ended up rereading an entry from 2010: My Weekend with Superboy. If you don't want to go read it and come back, I'll summarize: In order to passive-aggressively show a friend that being an introvert on the weekends doesn't mean that I'm horribly alone, I carried my Superboy figure around with me for an entire weekend and (with Kristin's help) documented our many fun activities together.

While rereading the entry, I was struck by how much I liked this photo from the entry:

superboy at the gardens

Thinking about that for a minute, I tried to figure out what made that picture different from others in the entry, like these:

superboy with red stripe

superboy at the wall

and realized that the difference is that in those photos, I am clearly taking a picture of an action figure. Maybe we're holding it against something or leaning it on something, but Superboy, in those photos, is treated as a static plastic prop. In the top photo, though, I treated Superboy more like a person, and I was intrigued by that thought. What if I tried that again?

I considered, and took a few test photos on my porch, one of which I deemed satisfactory:

boot, slush

I decided that this idea still had possibilities, so today I took Superboy to my building on campus, and tried a few more test shots:

superboy, rear (1)

superboy, facing (1)

superboy, rear (2)


superboy, black and white

(I really like that black and white one)

superboy, profile

Flipping through them (and the rejects) on the camera, I decided that I wanted to try for one with the Sunsphere in the background. World's Fair Park might be too close to the Sunsphere to get Superboy in it without laying on the ground, so I decided to try the roof of the Market Square Parking garage, which was free today since it's a holiday, and I think I was pretty successful:

superboy, rear (3)

superboy, facing (2)


I'm going to have to try this again, maybe with Ferro Lad.


Lauren P. said...

I like the one where his head is tilted and the last one with the shadows. Pretty cool idea, Joel!

Jeannie said...

These are great. That one of his boot totally could be real. I am impressed!

But, I cannot believe you set up your action figures at work and did this, I bet you looked hilarious. All part of why I love you!

JMBower said...

The boot, arm, and first roof shots are among the best. My wife does soemthing similar with a gnome figurine everywhere we go. I will have to borrow it and aim for some more artistic gnome interpretations.

Marcheline said...
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Marcheline said...

You should take one with SuperBoy lying on his back (head to the left, feet to the right), with the Sun Sphere in the background, positioned just behind his hips... and then rotate the photo 90 degrees clockwise.

Welcome to my mind.