Monday, October 13, 2014

A Chat with Myself on the Beach

Yesterday morning I had a brief chat with myself on the beach, spurred by this statue that I saw:

naked surfer statue (1)

As is usually the case when I'm not in a hurry and come across a piece of art, I began to walk around it, snapping pictures, while I tried to decide what the best angle and lighting would be.

Oh, that's interesting. Let me get a little closer.

naked surfer statue (2)

He doesn't have any shorts on. Is he naked?

No, he's not naked. You've seen like 500 surfers in the past three days. They wear wetsuits. He's wearing a wetsuit.

Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

naked surfer statue (3)

That's a nipple. Why does his wetsuit have nipples?

Are you sure? Oh, wait, yeah, that's totally a nipple.

Maybe it's like in that Batman movie? The one where the Batsuit had nipples?

Jesus, that movie was awful.

Yeah. Hey, wait...

naked surfer statue (4)

I can see his junk.

Yeah, that's not a wetsuit. He's naked.


Better get a photo.

1 comment:

Marcheline said...

Way to make me spit tea on my keyboard at 6:30AM, Joel. Bwahahahahahhhh!