Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Anorak in a Sack

As I continue losing weight (or, in the case of last month, not losing any) I've been going through clothes that have been boxed up in the back bedroom for years at a time. In some cases I haven't seen these clothes since I moved here in 2006, when I opened all of the boxes to get my dishes out. (Since I packed everything myself for the move, I used my clothes to wrap all of my glassware. Some of the clothes were already too small at that point, because I'd put on weight my last couple of years in Albany, so after I got my glassware out I just threw the clothes back in the boxes for "someday" when I lost more weight.) In other cases, like the case of the hunter green Old Navy "Anorak in a Sack" that I wore today, I can pinpoint the exact last time I wore it:

Disney World receipt

Based on the receipt I found in the pocket this morning, I last wore it on Christmas Day, 2009, which I spent at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World with my friend Sean.

Look, here I am, wearing my Anorak in a Sack:

I'm calling Britain!

It might be hard to tell in that picture, but that anorak was a little tight in 2009. It's pullover-style, and it was starting not to be so easy to pull over, so after that trip it came out of the suitcase, got hung on the coat tree in my second bedroom, and was promptly ignored from then on.

Until today, when I wore it for walking around town with my parents, and my Dad said it looked a little big.

The fact that an anorak that I wore last in 2009 is a little big should be exciting enough, but here's the thing:

I bought my Anorak in a Sack (so named by Old Navy because you can fold it into itself and zip the whole thing into its own front pocket) for hall director training in the Fall of 1999. Do I fit into all of the clothes that I still own from the last century? No, but I fit in one of them. I fit into an anorak that I purchased when some of my coworkers were under the age of ten.

I'm counting this as my win for the day.

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Marcheline said...

Lordy, Joel! WOOOOOOOT!!!