Friday, May 25, 2007

no softball

This afternoon Jen and George asked if I wanted to go to the softball game with them. Our women’s softball team is playing the first of a three game series against Hawaii to decide who gets to go to Oklahoma (thanks, Reardon; no way in hell would I have known that on my own), and sometimes they have nachos at baseball and softball games, so I eagerly agreed to go.

Before the game we decided to hit the Old College Inn down on the strip for dinner. I’ve never been there, but George is a big fan of the Two Ticket Catfish. I had black bean quesadillas, and Jen and I split an order of mixed cheese bings. Does dinner ever get any better than tiny balls of fried cheese? I think not.

We decided to head to the game early, but were greeted with the terrible sight of fans walking away from the ticket booth:

softball ticket booth

Sold out.

We were also greeted with the terrible sight of stereotypical Southern big hair, but I didn’t get the camera out of my pocket in time. In the end, this is as close as we got to seeing the game before we got bored and went to the Marble Slab for overpriced ice cream:

the field

The ice cream was good, but I really was hoping for nachos.

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