Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thanks Dana!

Usually when I get a package I get a little slip in my mailbox, so of course my first thought when I got home and saw a box on my porch was:



Then I got closer and saw the Godiva label and realized, “It’s a bomb made of chocolate! A delicious, delicious chocolate bomb!” I also realized that it must be the present Dana told me he was sending me a couple days ago, so I took it inside and tore it open.


Delicious, delicious chocolate indeed.

The best part is that it came with these reusable Godiva freezer packs:


I immediately threw them in the freezer for reuse, because I can’t wait to lord them over my friends the next time we have to bring something somewhere in a cooler. I’ll carefully remove whatever I brought, making sure they get a casual glimpse of my high end icepacks while I stare dismissively at their coolers.

“Oh, plain old ice cubes in a bag. I guess if that’s the best you can do…”

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