Sunday, February 10, 2008

mini-golf photos

Yesterday I was out running errands and noticed a kind of sad looking miniature golf course. Since I take my camera everywhere and I’m trying to take pictures of more than just the things I cook, I pulled in on impulse and went up to the window.

“Hi. Can I walk around your golf course and take pictures?”

“Sure! Go ahead!”

This is why I love Tennessee so much. People here are friendly, and assume that everyone else is, too. I’m pretty sure that if the same thing happened in New York, the answer wouldn’t be “Sure!” but would instead be “Why?”, and that it would probably be said in a slightly suspicious “Are you planning to sue us or from some sort of state inspection agency?” tone.

Anyway, I got some bright, cute pictures, including a self portrait:

self portrait

As I said in the caption for that picture, I look totally thin in silhouette on a giant concrete orange dinosaur leg. I should take all my pictures that way.

This giraffe picture is my favorite:

giraffe again

And here’s a few of the rest:

dinosaur face


Run, Mr. Owl!

The rest are on my photo page, which you can get to by clicking the pictures.

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