Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I saw many strange things today that left me with questions:

1) Who thought Chocolate Skittles were a good idea?


I saw these in the machine and, of course, bought them immediately. I like chocolate, and I like Skittles, so this seemed like something I should like. Once I got the bag open, I realized that conceptual problems abound.

out of the bag

They look like rabbit poop. Once you put them in your mouth, the texture is the real problem. The flavoring, doubtlessly from the same plant in Jersey that makes French fries taste good, is perfect. It really tastes like you have a mouthful of brownie, but… it’s crunchy? And a little chewy? And not anything like a brownie? They were tasty, but odd.

2) mark harmon?

Mark Harmon? The actor? Is he in need of support for something?

3) What are they doing in Sweden that we’re not doing here?

west knox news

I'm fully aware of Swedish fish, but Swedish erotica?

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