Sunday, March 2, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

I am a superstar, today at least.

Two Februaries ago my friends Tiff, Amy, and I took a vacation to Las Vegas, where I pretty much filled up my camera’s memory card with pictures of food and shiny things (I’m not sure which I enjoyed more) and generally had a great time. My favorite picture of the trip turned out to be one of my favorite pictures ever:

golden gate

It’s even one of my ten favorite pictures that I printed out and hung on my office wall for narcissistic decoration:


Well, it turns out that the Golden Gate Casino enjoys my picture as much as I do, because I received an e-mail from the marketing manager on Friday. They’re redesigning their brochures and found my picture through a web search, and wanted to use it! After a couple phone calls back and fourth we decided to trade the photo usage for a comped stay at the Golden Gate whenever I want to go back to Vegas, and I got to keep the rights to my picture, too.

So really all I did was point and click, and I got a free vacation.



nan said...

cool! congratulations.

Leonor said...

that is awesome! how long can your stay be?