Wednesday, August 20, 2008


1) This:


I think it's an anthropomorphic mushroom in a tie-dyed t-shirt riding a flying bicycle over the entryway of the Mellow Mushroom. Either that, or my pizza was laced with LSD and my camera could see it, too.

2) The all-meat pizza:

meat pizza

Angi, Mark, Brian, and I went to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom the other day. Angi and I split a pesto pizza, but Brian and Mark decided they wanted to get the all-meat pizza, a carnivorous delight smothered with pepperoni, sausage, ground hamburger, ham, and bacon. When they ordered, I expected some protestors to run out of the bathroom screaming, "Meat is murder!", but I was intrigued.

It sounded good on the menu. It looked good when it came out. It smelled like a thousand delicious meals at the same time. Eating it might have been a different story. I didn't taste it, but Brian only made it through about two pieces before he started holding his belly in pain.

3) My old school couldn't fill their meager football stadium for games:


My new school?

Volunteer beer

Bud Light makes us our own beer.

4) Eggshells look kind of cool close up:



leo said...

a) albany sucked in a lot of ways. football support was one of them.

b) did you take that eggshell picture? it's great!

Nan said...

But one of your old schools could fill a stadium . . . can you say "Cortaca?"

Have a great fall semester. Keep up the hilarious blogging (and I love your photography!)

One of these days I have to link you into my blog roll. Laziness and lack of time hold me back.

Nan said...

My apologies. You've been TAGGED. Please visit: