Friday, August 29, 2008

help me pick some pictures

Last year I hung up a set of ten of my pictures in my office, because my walls were blank and needed some attention.


I have three more walls, though, so I think I want another set of pictures, and I’m having trouble narrowing it down to ten. Here are some early nominees, but if you’ve seen one of my other pictures and really like it or you want to nominate one of these for exclusion, please feel free to suggest. They will be scattered on the other three walls, so they don’t necessarily have to go together.

volunteer village

dinosaur face

giraffe again

cigar sign

knoxville sunset

fish fountain

statue closeup

passenger car

Horne statue

bottles and pitchers

good food on the corner

Here comes dawn

state archive

car wash


inside yee haw industries

another bee

spiral go cart track



Or I could just order all twenty, since I wanted to order in groups of ten.


leo said...

I like:

the orange monster thing
the house in the field
the egg
the giraffe
the bus/train/trolley thing

not that I don't like the rest, but these stick out - in my expert photo editor opinion (which is not really expert, but just merely an opinion)

JMBower said...

4,6,10,12 and 14 are my faves. But great shots all around.

stanford said...

I agree, these are all very good. My favorites are: 5, 6, 9, 15, 18.

Nan said...

My favorites are:
cigar sign
fish fountain
here comes dawn (my #1)
gokart track
torch bearer

All are good - but these 6 are especially good!