Friday, September 12, 2008


Since I moved here I've always said that you could paint pretty much anything Volunteer orange and someone in Tennessee would buy it. Today at the bookstore I realized there really is no limit to "anything":

vol topper

At first I was terribly amused, and thinking, "Damn, somewhere out there someone has an orange and white wedding cake." Then I started thinking about an orange citrus cake with white chocolate frosting, and then I wanted cake and there wasn't any around.

Stupid cake topper.

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JMBower said...

apparently in Texas, cake topper was/is a euphamism for adult-themed devices of the vibrating sort, as it was/is illegal to sell them as, well, adult-themed devices of the vibrating sort.

So we had/have a lot of shady stores out on the highway that do an astonishing amount of business in the realm of "cake decoration accessories..."