Sunday, September 28, 2008

food show

Yesterday Jeannie, her family, and I went to the "Food City Food Show", where we paid six dollars to get in and left with about thirty dollars each worth of sample groceries, not counting the amount we grazed at the show itself in place of lunch.

This is one bag's worth:


I came home with two bags, and there were tables we skipped.

The baby seemed to be having a great time staring at people, listening to music, getting extra things just for being a baby (possibly the only time I've wished I had one; next year I may borrow someone else's for a couple hours), and meeting mascots:

kids love mascots

Eventually he got fussy, though, so we brought him home. That was, of course, after he vomited on Jeannie, reminding me that I don't want one of those after all.

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Todd said...

I used to love the food show when I used to go with my parents. Stuffed bellies and stuffed cupboards.