Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more flowers

Sometimes on my way home from work I stop at the University Gardens and take pictures of flowers:

water flower

And sometimes I jam the camera right up inside the flowers:

floral center (1)

I know I take a lot of those zoomed way in pictures of flowers, and that for the most part all of them end up looking like every other picture I take of flowers, but I find the gardens relaxing. They're quiet, and I rarely see people that I know. Additionally, having to concentrate on steadying my hands so that I can take close up, macro zoomed pictures forces me to focus my mind and slow down my thoughts. It's almost like meditating, and photography is probably the closest I come to that.

So, yeah, four or five more pictures of flowers that look like every other time I go take pictures of flowers:

green flower

orange and pink flower

floral center (2)

but those pictures represent an hour when I had nowhere to be and nothing important to think about. Every picture can't be Pulitzer Prize worthy.


Liz said...

They don't have to be news-making. Beauty is its own reward.

JMBower said...

Regardless, these are some fantastic shots! Nicely done