Saturday, June 11, 2011

All Around the Town

I haven't really been happy with any of the pictures I've taken for over a month now, and I'm not sure why. There's some decent shots in there, but nothing really pops out to me and makes me feel like I really nailed something. I'd say that I need to get out of town, and see something new, but I'm pretty sure that almost all of these are things and places that I've never photographed before, or at least not for a few months or years. I've played with color, played with black and white, tried to shoot outside my normal box, and nothing feels satisfying.

Maybe I'm just stressed and tired. Who knows?

At any rate, here's a random selection of photographs of Knoxville. I hope you like at least some of them.

more color (1)

torchbearer with flag (2)

sax player

watch for pedestrians

OK, I lied a little. I actually do like this one:

smoking in designated areas

I don't usually take pictures of people, but I think I really caught Kristin there.

Back to photographs that leave me vaguely dissatisfied, like this one of a fireman rescuing a zombie baby:

knoxville firemen memorial

and these:

18th Street IGA (1)

love never fails

railroad bridge (1)

railroad bridge (2)

I like this one as well:

the star of knoxville (2)

I pulled the car over on the side of the road to take it today, when I saw that I was driving past the paddleboat. Then I took these while I was out:

varsity barber shop

pedestrian bridge

Like I said, they're not terrible pictures. My finger isn't over the lens and they're not blurry, but they're not really doing anything for me, and they're the best ones out of about a hundred rejects.

Maybe I'm just in a funk.


Anonymous said...

I blame DC's latest shenanigans for making you dissatisfied with life and the universe in general.


JMBower said...

great set of shots. The first really grabs the eye, the fourth is pretty darn awesome too, and the closeup of the bridge with the over/under sections is really great. You have such a great eye, I'm continuously jealous.