Monday, June 6, 2011

Staycation Day 5: I Had All These Plans

I had all these plans for my Staycation. There was a bunch of stuff I wanted to do because I'm not really going to have another vacation until November, when I go home for Thanksgiving break. I was going to go on photo walks, I was planning to visit two different museums, I thought about hiking, I was going to go to the roller derby championship, and instead I went to lunch twice, went to a movie, and went to McKay's twice to turn in books and finally get rid of the VHS tapes taking up space in my apartment that I don't even have a player for.

So what happened?

Well, like I said on Day 1, it is swelteringly hot. It's too hot to walk around outside taking pictures, or to go hiking. I probably should have checked the weather before I scheduled time off, but I've been wanting time off since March or so, and I just went for it.

The other reason my plans fell apart after a day or two of a five day staycation goes back to what my friend Rod phrased as "the freedom of utter slothfullness". Once I got settled in, I didn't want to go anywhere, and I ended up not leaving my apartment from Friday night until Sunday night, when I ran out of milk. I tried to sleep in (unsuccessfully; my body apparently no longer believes in sleeping past nine), read a book, watched some movies, played video games, and basically did nothing.

And it was wonderful.

On the other hand, this bodes poorly for my later years when I am old and retired, as it now seems 99 percent likely that I will become a shut-in and start hoarding cats and dressing them in little outfits:

dex-starr and streaky

Should I just start sewing the outfits now, or give it a few more years?


Anonymous said...

Silly Joel. Our generation is never going to get to retire.

Kevin R. said...

Dex-Starr and Streaky... Nice Pairing

Asscrack said...

Oh Lord, I bet I could outsloth you. Im gonna be warshing myself with a rag on a stick, using a grabby-stick and getting groceries delivered.