Friday, May 18, 2012

Koi, Kitchens, Pinhole

My parents are on their way here, and in preparation for their visit I scheduled a few days off to clean and tidy my apartment. And then this happened:

my kitchen disaster

That's my kitchen.

That's the water heater on the left (you may remember the water heater from the time they cut open my cabinet to repair it), and the stove should be to the left of that. The sink should be where that bucket is, and the dishwasher should be to the right of that. Instead I have a slow leak, a broken pipe, and a distinct lack of cabinetry.

So, yeah, this kind of blew my plans for cleaning, but I've still tried to make the best of it and squeeze in some relaxing. I've eaten out a few times, and favorite places and at new places, like Bella Luna, where I had lunch yesterday:

fried ravioli

I thought they were a new place, since they're right in the middle of Market Square and I've somehow never noticed them, but when I asked the hostess she gave me a weird look and answered that they've been there for over a year. Oooops.

I also squeezed in some photography time at the university gardens, where they have planted gorgeous beds of poppies this year:


The poppies are all in bloom and pretty:

extreme poppy

and it reminds me so much of the ones that grew in Alaska when I was little.

I wandered around for a while, snapping regular pictures:

gone to seed

and taking the pinhole camera for a walk:


and I think the pinhole was magical:

water lily

pink roses

yellow rose and red

falling water

The ones with the falling water are at the koi ponds in the rose garden, where I stared at the fish for a while:

yellow koi (1)

yellow koi (2)

orange and yellow koi

yellow koi (3)

That last one, with the flower in it, I think is just fantastic.

My favorite picture for the day, though, is this one:


That's a puddle. Just a plain old puddle in the middle of the grass.

Like I said, that pinhole is magical sometimes.


JMBower said...

Fantastic're getting to be a master with that pinhole. And the others were pretty inspired as well.

Marcheline said...

What would happen if you bought a camera lens and taped it to the front of the pinhole camera? I like the dreamy quality of the unfocused shots, of course, but it would be interesting to try experiments with different types of lenses.