Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures of April

April turned out to be a pretty busy month, and it left me with a lot of pictures that didn't fit anywhere else. Here they are, with brief captions, like I've done with every month so far this year.

1) We had a parade:

we had a parade

It's been a while since I played around with some Looking into the Past photography. I meant to play with that parade photo some time that it snowed, but we didn't really get any snow this winter, so I ended up just going out and giving it a try. Coincidentally, it ended up being the 2000th image submitted to the Looking into the Past photo pool on Flickr.

If you've never tried that style of photography, it can be fun, but challenging.

2) Pinhole Photography in April:

I took the pinhole camera for a walk two weekends in a row, using up a roll of film (and destroying quite a bit of it by being sloppy and overexposing over half the pictures) but then not being able to develop it for a week because the machine at Walgreen's was broken. After I got the pictures back I couldn't think of a way to blog about them, because all I did was walk around downtown and point my camera at things.

Those things looked like this:

pinhole old courthouse

pinhole jackson avenue

pinhole union avenue barber shop

pinhole old city business

pinhole sterchi lofts

north central avenue

I like the last one the best, but I'm disappointed in myself. There's no real creativity or inspiration there, except maybe in that last picture, and you can see the sloppy red overexposure creeping into so many of the frames. I forced myself to walk around and take pictures, but there wasn't any feeling behind it, and I think you can tell.

3) Someone agrees with me:

graffiti, art, beauty

Art saves, no matter what kind of art it is, as long as there is feeling behind it. It doesn't have to be pretty, as long as it's real.

4) Lost weekends:

The same weekends I walked around with the pinhole, I also carried around my digital camera. Gay Street, Central Avenue, and Market Square looked like this:

building head

store interior

Clayton's Wholesale Furniture

regas restaurant


public piano

5) Dinner:

pizza at the tomato head

I ate a pizza downtown at the Tomato Head one night, before going to a meeting. It was good.

And that's it for April!

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Jeannie said...

Yum. I would like to eat that pizza, please.

I think your photos look nice, Joel. You are too hard on yourself.