Monday, September 3, 2012

Pictures of August

August is one of those months when nothing happens in my world except work. There's work during the week, work at night, work on the weekends, and generally just a lot of work and training and scrambling. Since most of my friends work in higher ed, too, we're all kind of on the same schedule, and we're all used to not going anywhere and not doing anything for the month.

Unfortunately, that means I don't really have many leftover pictures for August. I have a few, which fall into two groups:

1) Action Figures and Flashlights:

After my glow in the dark Mountain Dew experiment I got a little bored one afternoon, and decided to see what would happen if I put some see-through (or mostly see-through) action figures on the flashlight, with mixed results.


Sunfire looks ok, but I feel like there's too much light on the bottom and not enough on the top. His faceplate should still be opaque, but the head around it should be more illuminated if we're going for comic accuracy.

Iceman has a similar issue:


He also has the additional problem of being molded in light blue transparent plastic, which means that when you shine light through him he ends up looking like Dr. Manhattan, not Iceman.

The most successful attempt was the Phoenix:


One of Grant Morrison's better designs from his run on "New X-Men", she looks pretty close to the source material.

2) Around the Office:

Since we spent a whole weekend at the office for fall opening, I attempted to recreate the mood of January's office wasteland pictures, but I don't think I was as successful, and only liked four of the pictures that I ended up with:




stairs man

There's some interest there, but they don't recreate the same mood as the original set, or really much of a mood at all. They look like what they are: random photos around the office.

My goal for September is to get out more, so next month's photo roundup should be a little more exciting.

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