Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why isn't it called Missouri City?

Shouldn't Kansas City actually be in Kansas?

I've been wondering that since we landed yesterday, but before we landed I had something else to wonder about in the Chicago airport:

Chocolate Americana (1)

Chocolate Americana (2)

Is chocolate American History part of some sort of all-candy curriculum? And if so, why was I never enrolled in this?

I'll never know, because I'm not willing to sacrifice that many daily calories for what is pretty much guaranteed to be bad chocolate.

Anyway, some friends and I flew to Kansas City, Missouri, for a conference yesterday, and checked into our hotel right around dinner time. The hotel is nice, and for some reason has a rainforest and waterfall in the lobby:

inside our hotel

as if Kansas City is known for its charming tropical climate. I guess they didn't want to make the lobby flat and tornado-prone.

Our hotel is next to some interesting things. One on side we have the World War I Memorial and the National World War I Museum:

WWI Memorial (1)

WWI Memorial (2)

WWI Memorial (3)

which has a great view of the city:

twilight city view

Western Auto

and where I will probably go walking later depending on how the rest of the afternoon shapes up. We have receptions and stuff this afternoon and I haven't really checked the schedule to see when I am free or not free, plus I'm helping run one of them, which means I have to stay until the end. I'm already over 8,000 steps into my day, though, because I went on a three mile walk this morning along a route suggested by the hotel.

It was nice and quiet, and I saw a few things nearby:


including a cool playground:

sea serpent and boat

with a really creepy set of welcome statues:

welcome to the playground

There's a letter on each of their stomachs, so that they spell "Welcome", but that is the least welcoming group of characters I've ever seen. For a second I felt like I was on the hotel lawn in "The Shining", and that they might come to life while I wasn't looking and corner me somewhere near the swing set.

Our hotel is also close to Union Station:

Union Station (2)

where someone for some reason is setting up a giant yellowjacket:

giant wasp (1)

giant wasp (2)

I look forward to seeing it completed before we leave.

We had dinner last night inside the station:

Union Station (1)

which was nice:

beet salad

but a little on the pricey side. Just because we get a per diem for the day doesn't mean we need to spend it all on one meal, but my beet salad, risotto, and flaming bread pudding were good, and so far Kansas City seems kind of nice.

It's just not in Kansas.


Todd said...

The giant yellow jacket makes about as much sense as the giant shuttlecocks on the Nelson-Atkins lawn.

Justin Bower said...

Chocolate Americana? ...'mmmurica.

great shots of the monument, especially the blue one.