Saturday, May 31, 2008

weekend to-do list

I had a long To-Do list for today:

1)Get an oil change.
2)Drive downtown to the graffitied abandoned house I saw last weekend and take pictures of the art.
3)Go to the used bookstore and look for books on CD for my road trip next weekend.
4)Go to the grocery store.

Here’s how I did:

1)Oil Change: I went to Valvoline, because they check all the fluids, filters, and wipers, too, and they have a special if you get an oil change with a tire rotation. Volkswagon says I’m supposed to get my tires rotated every six thousand miles, which left me four thousand miles overdue to go with the thousand miles I’m overdue for an oil change. Everything is taken care of, though, in time for my trip to New York next weekend.

2)Drive downtown: After the oil change I headed downtown, but when I got near the house I discovered that there were no left turns onto the street it’s on the corner of, so I had to go past it and find somewhere else to turn around. I picked the parking lot of Uncle Easy’s Pawn Shop:

uncle easy's pawn

It’s also home to an antique and collectibles mall:

antiques sign

a baby store:


a restaurant:

good food on the corner

and a number of other stores.

While I was walking through the parking lot taking pictures of the storefronts and buildings, I noticed that the antique and collectibles market was open, so I went inside:

head on a shelf

bottles and pitchers

winking head

I was most amused, though, by the Playboy Dungeon in the back:

the playboy dungeon

After I walked the antique market (I didn’t buy anything) I drove to the abandoned house, which my favorite local graffiti artists have defaced:

red dress lady

melting skeleton

cape sale closeup

There are more pictures on my photo page. Overall, it was a good day for taking pictures.

3)Books on CD: I didn’t like any of the ones they had. I ended up using some of my store credit, which I intended to use on the books, to buy a set of Futurama DVDs instead.

4)Grocery Store: Somehow my magazine didn’t make it home with the rest of the groceries. I called the store when I got home, but they said there weren’t any unclaimed bags, even though I’m sure I didn’t lose the magazine on my way to and from the car.

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