Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowmageddon II: Electric Boogaloo

We've been getting an unusual amount of snow all winter but today, for the first time ever since I moved here in 2006, the University is closed due to the weather. We've had delays before, but this is the first full shutdown I've been here for.

This, of course, means asking the obvious question: How bad is it?

This bad:

snow-covered bug (1)

Clearly, I can't be expected to drive to work with my car covered in snow.

snow-covered bug (2)

I don't even own a snowbrush.

(I use the broom that I sweep off my porch with on the rare occasions that I need to clear snow off of the car. More often than not, though, I can turn on the back defroster and then the wipers, and then driving makes the rest just blow off.)

Anyway, I decided that I should probably at least go for a walk and document the snowfall so that I have some photographic evidence someday when somebody else's grandkids ask what I did during the horrible blizzard of 2011:

tree, wall

bench, lamp, tree

snowy evergreen

Then, after I was tired of taking pictures, a friend and I made a snowman:


because that's what people do on snow days.


Liz said...

You got your wish!

Donna said...

Your friends needs a coat.

Donna said...

Er, friend.

Anonymous said...

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