Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's snowing right now

I've made it clear that snow and I are not friends.

I don't like walking in it. What if I slip? What if snow goes down my collar and touches my back? And, not even a what if because this is pretty much guaranteed to happen, I hate when snow gets on my glasses and melts and makes water spots that I can't wipe off because my gloves are also covered with snow.

I also hate driving in it, just in case you missed this adventure. I especially hate driving in it here in Tennessee because, as I've said before, people here do not drive well in it and never get a chance to hone their skills because this happens maybe five times a year.

Given the fact that snow induces strong feelings of rage in me, and that I was already tired and somewhat burned out from another really long day of work after five weeks or so of the same kind of days every day, you might wonder why, when this started to happen at 4:30:

lamp and snow (1)

I did not head home immediately at five.

The answer is that snow, while terrible, can also be beautiful.

snowy branches (1)

snowy branches (2)

So, even though I should have been in the car, trying to get home before dark while trying not to get run into by the other drivers, I spent a half hour walking around the unshoveled sidewalks of campus instead.

And it was totally worth it:

torchbearer and snowfall

Especially since I got home ok.

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Liz said...

It's probably just as well you waited instead of lurching home early with all those unsteady local drivers. We're getting that same snow right now - the first of the year. Naturally it's chosen the one day that the roofers stripped off my shingles and left me with a tar-paper roof.