Sunday, November 28, 2010

Escape from New York

My vacation ended yesterday as I made the long drive from upstate New York back to Tennessee, made even longer by the horrible lake-effect blizzard that they started having on Friday night. Grimly determined to get home, I loaded up the car, got up at 3 AM, and got ready to go even though the driveway wasn't plowed and I hate driving in any kind of weather at night.

My parents helpfully soothed my fear and stress by offering advice.

"You should wear your sweatshirt over that t-shirt while you're driving."


"So you already have something warm on when you run off the road."

"I'm kind of hoping not to run off the road."

"Right, of course. Now take this blanket, too, and put it on the backseat."


"In case it takes them a really long time to find you."

The fact that I couldn't see the road because nothing was plowed yet made it even more likely that I would run off, but I spent the entire time going 20 miles per hour, loudly praying to God, asking for divine intercession from all the dead people that I know that I thought might be on better terms with God than I am (thanks Bryan, Nanny Eve, and Poppy Harry; I did not ask for intercession from Nanny Maggy because I rode in the car with her a number of times while she was alive and that convinced me that she's not the person to request automotive intervention from), and white-knuckling the wheel so hard that I couldn't even take a hand off to have a sip of Diet Mountain Dew or to snap even one photo through the windshield.

Since I couldn't take a picture, I've drawn one instead:


The size of the snowflakes is not accurate to the size of the car.

There was so much snow that by the time I got to Pennsylvania, hours later, it was still clinging to the bumper of my car:

new york snow

My mom says that the plows went by the house right after I left.


Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 said...

lol I needed to read this! Thanks for the laugh, Joel. Dad & I stopped to help a girl who went off the road out by the old schoolhouse on my way to work yesterday morning, and that was about 6 hrs after you left... roads still weren't much better despite being plowed. :)

Rod said...

More drawings!

JMBower said...

As much as I am a fan of your photography, I have to admit, I am very open to the possibility of more drawings..

Luckily/unluckily, I no longer need to go through the Syracuse-Watertown 81 Gauntlet, wherein both endpoints can be experienccing a balmly July day, while Pulaski-Central Square have apocalpytic blizzards coming off the lake.

In comparison, the drive to and from the Catskills and Rochester was pleasant, with only wispy, hollywood snow.

Hope the visit was a good one.