Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pictures of October

October and November (so far) have ended up being such hectic months that I just realized this morning that I never did my monthly photo roundup for October. There aren't many pictures that I didn't post during the month, but here are the ones that are left.

The Apple Barn

My friend Justin, from high school (and, I guess, junior high, too, now that I think of it) came to visit my neck of the woods for a wedding, and we thought it would be nice to meet up and be in the same room together for the first time since 1998. I suggested The Apple Barn, because we all know that I love the apple fritters and will make any excuse to eat them.

Despite the fact that we talked out this whole dinner in exacting detail on Facebook, Jud and I somehow got confused on which week dinner was actually taking place in, so I went to the Apple Barn two weeks in a row (a tragedy that I somehow endured), and we had a fantastic time together with his wife, catching up on old friends and acquaintances in between stories of my work with college students. (This was a sometimes inappropriate for dinner discussion, as in early October butt chugging was still in the news around here.)

While I was waiting for Jud the second time, I walked around and took a few photos:

the apple barn

apples for sale

and then we had a really good dinner.

The UT Arboretum

Kristin and I ran up the road to the UT Arboretum and tree collection because I had heard it was really nice, and it was, but it's also a bunch of trees. We had planned to have a nice picnic lunch, but when we got there we found out that you weren't allowed to picnic, so we just walked around for a while and I took some photos:

arboretum trails

I tried to take a photo of a spiderweb, but I guess you're supposed to do that early in the morning when they are covered in dew and show up better:


The leaves were just starting to turn, though, so I did get one nice photo of that:


Gabby's Nasty Ass Soap

Somehow this didn't make it into my entry about visiting Albuqurque:

nasty ass soap

I didn't buy any.

Halloween Pumpkins

I saw these on campus on my way to rehearsal for my play:


And that was it for October.

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