Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twinkies Saved the World

lois with breaking news

Thanks for the update, Lois.

As you may or may not have heard, Hostess has gone out of business, spelling the temporary end of Twinkies, Hostess Fruit Pies, Wonder Bread, and a bunch of other stuff that most people probably don't buy in a week but are now suddenly, if Facebook is to be believed, realizing that they can't live without. I think this photo sums up most of what I've read:

ferro lad reacts

Most of my friends have reacted in the following ways:

1) "Oh, that's sad. Oh well."


3) "One less thing to make children fat. Good riddance."

I'm not particularly broken up about the whole thing. I do think it's a little sad that I will possibly never again have a fried Twinkie:

fried twinkies

but then I remember that, despite my love of fair food, fried food, and snack food, I've only ever had a fried Twinkie once, and didn't finish it. The filling in the center coagulated and got so sweet that I had to stop halfway through. It was so sugary that I felt like I might vomit, but now I feel kind of bad that people might never have the chance to violently sicken themselves on deep fried snack food the way that I did.

I feel like America has lost something.

Not only that, but I'm worried about the disastrous consequences that the loss of Hostess snack cakes can have on our society.

How will Batgirl foil well-dressed jewel thieves?

batgirl hostess ad

How will Wonder Woman save astronauts from a fiery death?

wonder woman hostess ad

And why aren't those fruit pies burning up on re-entry? What the hell are they made out of, and why did we cover the space shuttle in heat resistant tiles when we could have just covered it in apple pies instead?

Hostess snack cakes helped Captain Marvel prevent an alien invasion:

captain marvel hostess ad

helped Spider-Man find love:

spider-man hostess ad

and once even saved Thor from a family of rampaging hillbillies:

thor hostess ad

which, I've heard, could be the plot of the upcoming "Thor II".

Hostess snack cakes helped Hawkman quell a riot:

hawkman hostess ad

helped Green Arrow rescue some endangered schoolchildren:

green arrow hostess ad

helped Captain America rescue Nick Fury:

captain america hostess ad

and helped Aquaman clean up a beach and save the suntan lotion and bikini industries:

aquaman hostess ad

Hostess snack cakes are part of the fabric of America, one of our many icons, and once they even helped Batman save our American icons:

batman hostess ad

from the Pigeon Person, who was stealing all of our statues, possibly to poop on. (Don't look at me like that. When have you seen a pigeon do anything with a statue BESIDES poop on it?)

So, where does this leave us? What will become of us in this new, harsh, Twinkie-free world?

ferro lad's travesty

invisible kid, snack cake

We'll be fine. Calm down, people, and for the love of God, stop buying Twinkies for $40 a box on e-bay. Hostess will be auctioned off, someone will buy the brands, and you'll see Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Wonderbread again.

In the meantime, try to avoid the impending crime wave.


John Currie said...

Fear not Joel. You need only look north - way, way north - to discover America's beloved Twinkie lives on, albeit in foreign lands:

I expect we'll soon be hearing tales of Americans cross-border shopping for their snack cakes of choice... just remember to bring your passport when crossing the border!

Miggs said...

"Hostess will be auctioned off, someone will buy the brands, and you'll see Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Wonderbread again."


Totally forgot about the pies, though. I will miss those if they never come back. Then again, there's always the off brand.

Miggs said...

BTW, my favorite part of your posts are always your homemade photo "comics." So funny.

JMBower said...

Seriously, Fruit Pies should have had their own super group. Cut out the middle man.

And yeah, I had the same reaction...anything that has a market will continue to be sold.

Sandy said...

I think the photo comics are funny, too, but they make me worry about Joel a little.