Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Hideous, Terrible Beauty

Art speaks to people, but it doesn't always speak to everyone. When you see something you like, though, it calls out to you. It strikes a chord somewhere, and you feel like you have to have it. You may not be able to explain why, or even want to, but you just know that some things are meant to be together, like peanut butter and chocolate or me and the hideous, terrible clock that I bought today:

orange clock

Yes, I own that now, and am proudly displaying it on top of a bookcase in front of the window.

It's a little over a foot tall, roughly the size of a box of breakfast cereal. It's molded of hard orange resin, some sort of plastic, and the mold was filled with decorative gravel before they poured the plastic in. Also, it weighs a ton. As a rough guess, it feels about the same as three or four bricks taped together. I can't find a manufacturer's stamp on it anywhere, and have no idea how old it is, but it feels kind of 70's to me. Someday, if I have a fireplace and mantel, I will put this clock upon it, and be happy.

You're probably wondering how this happened.

This morning, Kristin and I decided that we would hit the flea market before grabbing lunch and heading up to the ICU for visiting hours. I haven't been to the flea market since 2008, although I've driven past a number of times, and I was really disappointed. There were hardly any booths, possibly because of the rain, and the things for sale looked even worse than usual. It was more depressing than interesting:

domestic artifacts

and Kristin wanted to leave before we even got halfway through. I was ok with that, as the comic book dealer that was there last time was now gone. In an effort to salvage some of our morning, though, I suggested we go swing by Nostalgia, a store that Elizabeth said we would like.

Elizabeth was right.

They had shelves and shelves of vintage, antique, and not quite either objects:

inside nostalgia

dishes and glassware

nautical theme

typewriter keys

the last paint-by-number supper

We stayed for about two hours, looking at the good, the bad, the odd:

fuzzy maries

the really odd:

red owl

and in the case of my clock, the strangely endearing. They had a clear one in one booth and the orange one in another, and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. Thank God it was cheap. Kristin agreed that I should buy it if I wanted it even though it is hideous, but she really has no room to talk.

She has this on hold:

flamenco lamp

I'm assuming it speaks to her, but in comparing it to my clock, well, I just don't see it.


Elizabeth said...

I love the clock and the lamp! Glad you guys had fun!

Liz said...

That clock and that lamp are both hideous and beautiful. I envy you both!

Miggsy said...

I want that owl!!

Sarah Claud said...

This sounds like my kind of adventure. I wish I could have been there! Oh, and I'll place my order for the clear version. Indeed, a hideous beauty! :)

Sandy said...

Lamp wins.

strong cookie. said...

I am speechless re: the clock.

Skald said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon, despite the rain. Also those type-writer keys are on my desktop wallpaper now.

P.S. I hope your friend is getting better.