Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Patriotic Potatoes

We have a 4th of July cookout later, and I have just started my food prep:

my patriotic potatoes

I'm making roasted fingerling potatoes, and as you can see they are red, white, and purple. I'm going to pretend the purple ones are blue, and force all the guests at the cookout to pretend that they are blue as well. If I were really cynical, I'd say that forcing other people to believe what you believe is kind of what America is really all about given the passage of things like Proposition 8 in California or the Defense of Marriage Act, but I'm going to ignore my somewhat cynical nature for the day and embrace patriotism instead. After all, as much as America is about the tyranny of the majority, it's also about the protection of the minority and their freedoms, like my freedom to write something critical about America on my blog and then go make potatoes.

Enjoy my red, white, and (almost) blue potatoes, friends. I swear they're just a side dish, not a metaphor.

And also, thanks for the day off tomorrow, America. I have about two weeks worth of photos and adventures to sort through.


Rod said...

I think that you should make people eat your potatoes using a lit sparkler, like a kabob.

Liz said...

Happy American potato day Joel!

Skald said...

Hopefully your potatoes came out well. Happy 5th of July!

Joel said...

I think the potatoes were bad and no one wanted to tell me, because everyone said they were good but then when everybody fixed up their leftovers plates, nobody took potatoes.

On the plus side, I diced a bunch of them this morning and made fried breakfast potatoes with cheese and lots of ketchup.