Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve with Victorian Pirate Mardi Gras Drum Major Santa

I've seen a few weird Santas over the years. Growing up, we most often saw Santa Claus at company Christmas parties on post, which meant that Santa was most often portrayed by whichever private lost the coin toss and had to put on the costume. This also meant that some years we had a black Santa, a Latino Santa, and at least once I remember seeing an Asian Santa. It also explains why this Santa, from Christmas 1975, has on a big black pair of standard issue Army "birth control" glasses:

Christmas, 1975

He's not a Buddy Holly fan.

I've seen a few weird Santas since moving to Tennessee, like Halloween Santa:

halloween santa?

or the horror of the mouthless Santa creature:

mouthless santa

but I have no explanation for this:

victorian pirate mardi gras santa

Santa is going to Mardi Gras? That's why he's wearing gold, green, and purple? But Santa is also a pirate? That's why he has an eyepatch? And he has a holiday festive Victorian top hat, for some reason? Oh, and he has that baton, so he's a drum major, right?

Merry Christmas, Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day, Happy Mardi Gras, and enjoy the parade, everybody!


Skald said...

Maybe it's Santa's flamboyant, yet priatical magician cousin "Libirace Claws"?

Beverly said...

Bleh, can't post an image in comments - here's a link: