Friday, October 10, 2008

last weekend's artistic events

Just in time for this weekend, I have a late update from last weekend.

On Friday night Jeannie, her family, and I decided to go to the 2008 PoMoNoBo Halloween and Day of the Dead Arts and Crafts Show. I've been taking pictures of several of the artists' street art since I moved here, so it was fun to see it in a real setting:

art show

Unfortunately the baby and the husband were both fussy and crabby, so we had to leave fairly quickly. I did buy a cute little embroidered note card, though.

On our way home we stopped by Market Square, because they were having a First Friday music and movie event. The stuff on the square always looks kind of the same, no matter what's going on, so I peeked around the corner of Wall Street, where I found another art show:

art sale

I was intrigued by the Wonder Woman in the middle, but couldn't figure out which of the several artists there had painted it or how much it should cost. One of the artists, noticing that I appeared interested, started explaining that her pictures were portraits of John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, and I figured I should go. I might be too old, or I might be a square, or I might be just vaguely disgusted by someone trying so hard to be edgy, but I'm not hanging a picure of Ted Bundy in my apartment. I'd question the sanity and sincerety of anyone who does. I'm not saying the Wonder Woman picture was great art, or that I have this really educated and discerning taste, but really, Charles Manson? Do you think great scholars will look back in hundreds of years and discuss Janet's Serial Killer Period? I think there are twenty or so kids in art school right now working with the same allegedly shocking imagery so that they can prove how rebellious they are, too.

Be sure to get the t-shirt that says so at Hot Topic before your next art sale, ok?

Not content with just painting or sculpture (there was some sculpture at the PoMoNoBo show), I also attended an impromptu dance recital in front of Smoothie King on my way to the football game on Saturday:

dance team

Go Vols.

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