Thursday, April 16, 2009

busy week at school

It's been a busy week at school.

On Monday I had to stay really, really late at work to get a few hundred freshman contracts out. I was really cranky and ragey when I got home, but these things happen, and the next day I was perked up by the Spring Ceramic Sale:

ceramic sale

Every semester the students have a sale to raise money for art scholarships, and usually I go over and look around without actually buying anything, but this time I saw the cutest little cup:

square mug

It matches some antique Asian ceramics I have on my bookcase, and it was only a few dollars, so I used some of my Easter money on it. (It's totally normal for people over thirty to still get Easter money from their parents. Shut up.) When I was paying, the girl who wrapped it up for me explained that she made it during her summer internship at Woodstock, and it was the only piece with that glaze that she was selling.

After I left she probably took another one just like it out from under the table and readied her story for the next rube. The cup was a few dollars, but my lack of faith in humanity is completely free.

The RA banquet on Wednesday night, though, made me smile again. Not only were there awards and clapping and hugging, but there was cake:

lemon blueberry cake

Delicious lemon and blueberry cake.

After the week I've had, that was enough to make everything ok.

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