Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smackdown in K-Ville!

Last Saturday, filled with great excitement, I attended roller derby again. Our girls have been on the road for the past month, playing away games (or away bouts; I'm still not clear on all the terminology), but they were finally back for a double header, so Bryan and I went and convinced our friend George to go, too.

Over our pre-bout dinner, George asked if I like to watch girls hit each other.

"I like to watch anybody hit each other."

It's true. I get bored watching baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, and any number of other non-contact sports live. I'll show up to a game if someone I know is playing, even more so if the concession stand has nachos or alcoholic beverages other than beer and someone else is driving, but for the most part I like my sports visceral and violent. I will sit through hours of hockey, boxing, and derby, although I will not make an effort to explore the psychological ramifications of this. We'll just say I like to watch people hit people and leave it at that.

Since the last time we saw our Hard Knox Roller Girls, so things have changed. For starters, we now have a mascot:

sphere this

That's Sphere This, our mascot. She's really enthusiastic, and, you know, she's trying. God love her for trying, and for not being as scary as the Atlanta Sake Tuyas mascot:

sake tuyas mascot

She's... also trying. Really hard. I love enthusiasm, but mascots, in general, creep me out a little.

One of the the other things that's changed since last time I saw the team was that we got really aggressive. This wasn't terribly apparent during the first bout, against the Soul City Sirens:

Bout One

but by the time we started the second bout, against the Atlanta Sake Tuyas, our girls in green were clearly in the grip of murderous rage.

no points

BAM! No score for you, jammer!

double takedown

BAM! BAM! Two girls down at once!

down and out

BAM! Say goodbye to winning and to pants!

We beat the hell out of them by over seventy points, and a good time was had by all, even George, who found a sign next to his chair:

george has a sign!

Hella Kitty's sister came and took the sign later, so that she could wave it, but it was fun while it lasted.

Next home bout is in May, against TBA. I look forward to more hitting.

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