Friday, April 3, 2009

Hannah Montana and Entropy

Time waits for no man, not even Hannah Montana.

I saw this sticker in the parking lot, stuck to the asphalt:

montana of the rocks (1)

I'm not sure why it was there, but I checked on it every day, just to see how long it would last. In between, I saw trucks with school spirit:

tennessee toyota

I took Jeannie to P.F. Chang's for her birthday dinner:

jeannie at p.f. chang's

We met up with her husband, Brian:

jeannie and brian

I checked on Hannah:

montana of the rocks (2)

I got excited for derby this weekend, a guaranteed good time:

derby poster

The dogwood trees bloomed:

dogwood tree

The flowers started to die:

dogwood flower

Mavis attempted to sell me some bread:


And then I checked on Hannah again:

montana of the rocks (3)

Time has erased her, as it will someday erase us all.


stanford said...

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

eDEVO88 said...

I really enjoyed this :) time will soon erase Hannah after the release of her new movie.