Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I, Kimberly...

Of all the catfights and snide comments on "Melrose Place", the following exchange between Sydney and Kimberly is, in my opinion, the best piece of dialogue during the entire run of the series.

"Frankly, Sydney, I find your behavior to be rather childish."

"Maybe it just seems that way because you're so old."

Sydney's retort carries all the folly of youth, assuming that she'll never be in Kimberly's shoes. Technically this is true, since Sydney was run over in her wedding dress, but the point is still valid. Today, at a work retreat, I was informed that "Wayne's World" came out the same year that most of our incoming freshmen were born, and I realized that I am no longer on the Sydney side of that equation. I have become Kimberly Shaw, but without the brain surgery scar or the bomb in the laundry room.

I have become old.

Other than aging, I've managed to do a couple of other things in the past few weeks.

1) I saw them move the Rock on campus.

the rock, on a truck

They couldn't get the rock into the parking lot it now sits next to, so they had to chainsaw one down:

sawing down the tree

One crane and 90 tons later, the Rock was slowly moved into place:

the rock, hoisted

The students began painting it almost immediately. The new spot for it, though, is right where the band and their families tailgate for football, so it will be interesting to see what happens on that corner once the home games start up.

2) I wondered at this:

Girl Scouts

What does that mean? Is there a Girl Scout meeting hall down that road? A camp? Maybe a headquarters? Or is there just a bunch of Girl Scouts milling around a parking lot, waiting for people to drive by?

3) I learned that some people will not only stick anything on their trucks, but they will actually be proud of how foolish it makes them look:


I'll be honest, and admit that I'm not totally happy with the Obama administration. He hasn't followed through on any of the things he said he'd do for gay people, and while I understand that there are important concerns right now, I also understand that there's never a good time to handle some issues, and basic civil rights and equality are one of those things that shouldn't wait for political convenience. Even if you put the marriage issue aside, there's still the fact that over two hundred service members have been discharged under Don't Ask, Don't Tell since Obama took office, and that was something he said he would rescind.

Even if I'm not totally pleased with Obama so far, though, I'll never understand how someone can still see Sarah Palin as the better alternative. She'd probably have quit by now, anyway.

3) I went to the Farmer's Market, where I saw some peppers:

basket of peppers

saw a mutant pigeon:

mutant pigeon

and had the best flavor of Italian ice ever:

swedish fish italian ice

4) I went to roller derby, and watched girls on wheels push each other down:

diabla diaz


Insecticide down

pile of players

mobile blocker

Tata and Knox on the floor

head over heels

5) I argued with my friend Bryan when we passed these random boots on our way back to the car:


"You really will take a picture of anything, won't you?"

"You're not curious about that? Why are they there? Who leaves their boots on the sidewalk? Those are good boots! Why haven't any of the homeless people picked them up?"

I still have curiosity, which means I'm not quite ready to hop in the coffin and close the lid. I might be Kimberly, but I still have some Sydney left.

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