Thursday, June 7, 2007

special thursday

The SUV in front of me on my way home this afternoon had two “Fred Thompson 2008” bumper stickers on the back, one on either side of the red, white, and blue “Remember 9/11” magnet. How the hell did people get bumper stickers so fast? Didn’t he just decide to run yesterday or the day before?

I would have taken a picture, but my Thursday night pizza was on top of my bag, so I couldn’t get to my camera. I had a pizza because Thursday is, as Brian says, my “special day”, when I go to the comic store and then get a five dollar pepperoni pizza from the store next door. I take both of them home and read my comics while I eat half of my pizza.

With a knife and fork.

I don’t want my comics all greasy and smeary, you know?

Not that it would be all that tragic if “Omega Flight” got smeared all to crap. I’m sending my comic guy a note tomorrow to cancel that from my pull list before I forget, since I’m three issues in and can’t find a single good thing about it other than that Julia Carpenter is on the team, and I like her.

I hate her new codename, though.

And her redesigned costume.

Still, though, it’s a comic that’s so bad that this issue they actually used “your” instead of “you’re”. Not only does it look like they drew it with a half-melted crayon, but they can’t even take the trouble to proofread it.

I'd rather spend my comic budget on something like "Fables" or "The Plain Janes" instead. I liked that so much I ordered copies for two of my friends today.

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