Monday, November 19, 2007

botched cooking

Those premade crescent rolls that come in a tube are pretty much my best friend. Leftover hot dogs? Put cheese on them, wrap them in a crescent roll, and bake away. Gourmet olives and tiny pieces of cheese left over from wine and cheese night? Make stuffed turnovers out of them with crescent rolls. Feel like mini calzones? Cheese, pepperoni, crescent rolls. I always have a tube of crescent roll in my fridge, and it hasn’t led me wrong until last night.

Killing time in my last hour before “The Amazing Race”, I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and was feeling really lazy, and remembered that there was a tube of crescent rolls in the fridge. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do with them, though, until a sudden idea dawned. What if I put some jelly on them and made little sweet rolls? Like tarts? That could be delicious, right?

In theory, yes.


Jelly doesn’t hold up well in the oven.

I was greatly amused to see that the pan is a study in most to least melty. For those who are curious, cranberry preserves barely moved. Next down, strawberry jam melted a little. Orange marmalade melted a lot. Grape jam turned into a purple lake. It was all still delicious, but very sticky.

The pan has been soaking overnight because I don’t even want to try touching it.


I guess I’ve learned that everything doesn’t go with crescent rolls.

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