Friday, November 2, 2007


Say, did you know that when you move to Tennessee you only have thirty days to change your driver’s license over from your native state to your new one? Neither did I, until I was handing my New York license to the policeman who was taking my witness statement about office theft this morning.

“How long have you lived in Tennessee?”

“A… uh… while?”

The officer gently advised me to go get a Tennessee license as soon as possible, so I called the office at the courthouse to find out what else to bring as Debbie laughed in the background.

“Hello, yes, I recently moved to Tennessee, and have some questions about changing my license over.”

Debbie claims that the use of the word “recently” is a lie, but I pointed out that it’s a matter of scale. I’ve recently moved here in comparison to the rest of my life, the same way the Cretaceous period is recent, geologically speaking. On a wide enough scale, any number is small, and a year and a half of living here can be recent enough.

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